need to make a change

I have been searching the forum and google all morning and I cannot make up my mind. Most of what I have found is low gear ratios that arent sacrificing too much top end but thats not really important to me 60MPH is plenty cuz I dont have any room where I ride to go that fast anyway.

I have a 2003 yz450 with 14/45 gearing and its killing me, my riding is 85% woods tight trails and the rest the occasionally tearing through an open field.

I need to go lower gearing and I mean low but im stuck between 13/51, 13/52, and 13/55 <<< is this too low or just what im looking for

Any ideas? I dont care about top speed, the bike is gonna live out the rest of its life in super tight/winding/rocky woods trails

Thanks guys

I would not go more than 51 in the rear. I prefer the stock 13/49 at the track and the trails just because anything more in the back and the rear breaks loose easier than I like. A 450 has plenty of low end at this gearing for me.

Stock gearing on the '03 was 14/48. 13/51 from where you currently are would be as if you had gone to a 14/55.

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