Newbie here! Got questions......

I found a used '01 XR650R. It's in fair condition. Needs some TLC. What should I look out for in terms of abuse/wear. Also, how much should I offer them?

I did a search with no luck.

Thanks Guys.

You picked a great bike, but there are some items that come to mind that you should check for. Suspension linkage is apparently a common wear item on these bikes, i havent had issues with it but i did check mine for play when i bought it. The biggest one i found was improper jetting. If the bike is dead stock then you shouldnt have any huge problems except a relatively gutless bike for its size. If the tip is removed or modified ask if the jets were changed accordingly and what size they were changed to. Make sure there is coolant in the bike, i looked at one that was almost dry because the owner apparently didnt notice that it was boiling over fairly regularly(also improper jetting issues). Mainly I would just take it for a rip, make sure you can start it, they can be a bit of a b!^&* especially when stock. Listen for noises from the suspension that would indicate binding, feel for harshness or wallowyness (good grammars no?), make sure there is some damping. make sure all the bolts are still in the rear fender, subframe, and right footpeg. Check for oil in the airbox and check the oil to see if it is high (start it and let idle for about 5 min first). of course check the usual stuff like sprockets, chain, rims, etc. On a side note, when you take it for a spin, dont worry if there is a slight hesitation if you whack open the throttle, this is normal, non pumper carb. See if the restrictors have been removed from the airbox (rubber piece just under seat line and a plastic panel), again ask if the jets were changed. This bike is very loud mechanically, noisy engine so unless it is making really loud knocking noises or squealing, i wouldnt worry too much. This bike seems pretty indestructible for the most part, you cant beat a honda for durability and reliability. i cant think of anything else right now and you already have enough to read :), good luck in your search, JR

BTW, if you are in the US i have no idea what to offer, if in Canada i would offer around $4,700 and see what he says.

If you happen to be in Atlanta GA, then I know where you can get a sweet low hour 2002 XR650R for $3250 right now 'IF' its still for sale.

Check out the FAQ at the Pig Pen for all kinds of great info on the XR650R. Here's the link...

Check out the "Pigpen" link shown above, and Listen to what the long reply says above from the other guy!!!! IT's very important to know what you are getting.. If you search cycletrader, ebay, and your local paper for a while, you will no doubt find a better bike which is almost new and pretty cheap, probably less than 4k. Search for bikes where the owner got in over his head and didn't ride it much, and didn't modify it at all. This way, you can uncork it properly yourself, and know everything is right. That's what I did, found a great '00 model with only 103 miles on it for 3700, the guy just couldnt handle the weight and it was too tall for him. Look around and you'll probably find a better bike, not one that needs TLC. ! Have fun .


Thanks for the weath of info. I'll read the FAQ carefully. You guys brought up some good points that I have already notied i.e. missing fender bolts and low coolant level in the radiator. What about checking cylinder compression? :)

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