I own a 2001 xr 650L and im lookin for an extra set of complete rims for a farley cheeper price than new.

i have already checked ebay and cant find any so if anybody has what im lookin for please post here or email me at dirtbiker439@hotmail.com :)

01' xr650L unkorked and desmogged,white brothers eseries exhaust,k&n filter,Clarke white 5gal tank,rejetted,geared lower for woods riding,enduro engineering bark busters.

roostin who, just practice tire changes and who needs extra rims!!!! :)

I thought if i changed the tires too often that the sidewalls of the tires would be damaged plus it would be a pain to change them every time anyway. thats why i wanted rims. :)

Yeah,changing tires is a pain.What kind of tires are you switching(Dual/sport to knobbies ?)I ride my "l" 50/50 dirt street and just run full knobs.Rears last 600-900 miles depending on tire and front twice that. :)

I have already switched the dual sport tires to knobbies but i am waiting till i am 18 to get my liscence and until then im gonna save my money to buy new rims unless i find used ones. :)

Mine-'01 xr650L, unkorked and desmogged,white brothers eseries pipe,rejetted,K&N filter,clarke 5gal tank,IRC knobbies,enduro engineering bark busters,DG bash plate

'99 xr200r, all stock (for sale)

Dad's-'01 xr400r,DG bash plate, (other than that all stock for now)

'84 can-am 250

Do i need to clean my glasses or are those XR600 wheels, not 650R wheels, for sale on ebay?

WIthout the snail will they work on the 650? I think they are the same hubs but not sure. ANyone know for sure if 600 and 650 wheels are interchangeable?



He is looking for 650L wheels not 650R. :)

Thanks alot stone wall for finding the rims for me but it seems the guy has already sold the rear wheel so i hope i can at least get the front.

Thanx again



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