08 yz450F

First time post here.

I have been looking for a stator so i can run lights. I found they make a stator up to 07.

Are you guys running lights on your 08 and up?

I ride single track in michigan. Also looking for a better seat than stock.

I would love to also know about a lighting stator. I like to ride at night

As far as I know there is no reliable aftermarket stator for the yz450f or an yz for that matter. Other than converting your bottom end to a wr. The question gets asked alot on these boards. The option I went with is the majicshine 900 from geomangear.com I use Two actually and helmet mounts. They work great and are relatively cheap. The cyclops solstice and trailtech are also great options. I have had to repair the helmet light head wires after about a year of use, fragile wires.

first time posting

i would like to put my 450 on the road but trying to figure out what to do about the stator. Baja designs does not offer an aftermarket one nor do they rewind the stock one for an 07 any thoughts..... thanks

Unfortunatley I am a expert on putting lights on a 08 450f. Bottom line is don't bother. I wanted to run mine in Baja so needed a 100w stator. You can get a so called 50w through electrex sold through moose and a few others but it is very poor quality and only will run maybe a 35w light. Don't recomend it. To put a bigger stator on the only option is to split the cases and put a wr crank end on, plus a wr wiring harness, flyweel, side cover, cdi, and shifter. Plus find a place for a battery. I did it and it did work but I never could get the reliability to the point I would trust it is Baja. Start with a wr. That really is your answer.

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