Budget trail set up for YZ450F?

regarding the popping, make sure your fuel screw is 1 and a half turns out.

Will do, thanks.

regarding the popping, make sure your fuel screw is 1 and a half turns out.

The fuel screw may or may not be correctly set at that point. Every bike is different, and more to the point, every set of conditions where the bike is operated will be different, and the screw will need trimming to match weather and altitude changes periodically. 1 1/2 out is normally a bit lean for mine, but could be fine for others.


I have a new one, that i race a boatload and ride in mtns..came off a 06 WR450. am on a strict budget, so:

2.6 Clarke tank (i am getting 70+ miles of trailriding with gas to spare), moose bark busters (a must for falling in rocks), hyde racing skid plate (very happy with this!), 12T (change from stock 13 only for BigSkyXC type races), rejetted, 51T rear, Lexx pipe (Very happy with this...94.5db at BigSky sound test), backed off clickers just a bit (am A rider, but need some cush), adj. fuel screw, radiator guards. i am hoping for a flywheel weight someday and dreaming of a rekluse but i am very happy with this bike...i race some MX, GPs, qualifier format enduros, and XC events and satisfied. DO NOT miss the weight of the WR...and dont miss the starter either...even on my dead-engine start races.

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