2010 yzf450 supermoto???

hi i'm lookin for any info on 2010 yzf450 thats been converted to supermoto

i'm currently racing a 2006 yzf450 and was looking to find out how the 2010 is in comparison to the older bikes, i had shot of 2010 motocross bike and was well impressed with throttle response and handling and would just like some opinions on how the bike works as supermoto?

so if any of you guy's have one or know of any info would be much appreicated

as there's a couple of 2010 bikes going for not to bad money just now in the UK and I'm think one for bext year would be good!

I can tell you that when I took my bike on a 20 minute flat dirt road with my brother in 5th at about 1/2 throttle or 3/4 at some points it got incredibly hot. When we got back to camp I couldn't even touch the clutch cover and I wasn't slipping at all. The engine oil gets too hot IMO for long straights at 1/2+ throttle and you need to have an oil cooler. Maybe it's normal for the bike, I dunno, but like I said in my opinion an oil cooler would be necessary.

no idea on supermoto. here at a local track a guy races short track on a 2010 and races pro class and does pretty well. has a pipe and dyno tuned and i hear is over 60hp on pump gas. i dont think thats a huge gain over stock is it?

I know one guy that rides one and it seems to work pretty well. I know he had issues with stalling with the stock FI settings. It would stall when he would come into the dirt section and be off the throttle. You would figure that if you won a Superbike championship for Yamaha you could get someone to dial in the FI.:smirk:


Now that is a good pic!!

Thanks for the info guy's:thumbsup:

I've been looking at a few post about the 2010 and there seems to be some mentioning bikes stalling going into corners, not sure but this is maybe just a mapping issue?

on the oil cooler side of things, i'm up north in scotland so were a good bit colder than what you guy's get, but it's certainly something that would be worth looking into

Any more info keep it coming!


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