Raves for 650R

Hi all. Wanna say thanks for all your help past and future. I try to help when I can.

I struggled with deciding on a replacement for the old XR500R and, based on your help and the terrain I ride, convinced myself on the XR400 or KDX220. I'm 165 lbs. 36 yrs. old, and ride steep, rocky, wet, tight, generally miserable (I love it) mountain terrain. I did get to ride the 400 and loved it, great bike. Turns out a 650R fell in my lap. Not the bike for me, it's a desert racer, right ? Rode 30 brutal miles Saturday and hung fine with the WR250F rippers. I love this bike ! I couldn't focus at work today, still euphoric from riding that bike. I realize I'm probably quicker overall on the 400 but I don't race anymore, never top 10ed anyway. I'll ride some scrambles just for some new terrain (I'll stay outa the way). For everyday yeehas (big ones), as long as you've got some experience, I want to recommend the XR650R. :)


Brian C.

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