Flywheel weight ?

I have an '01 426. I ride mostly desert with some trails. What flywheel weight are you guys running or would reccomend ?

Was it worth it ?

Did you notice a difference in power delivery, stalling in tight situatuions ?

Thank you in advance.

I didn't do much desert riding on my old 00, but I ran the stock flywheel and 13/52 gearing and really liked that setup for woods riding.

I looked all over for one, and even placed an order this weekend with thumper talk for the 13oz msr. I got a call this morning that they don't have it and had no other options.

I canceled the order and called up Stealthy Offroad and ordered this one.

Click Here

I got the 12 ounce.

I should have it in my hands on wednesday and hope to get it installed by thursday for a ride this weekend.

I added 8 oz. to my old '99 YZ400f after reading that even Motorcross Action magazine recommended adding 4 oz and another magazine recommended 12 oz so I split the difference on mine. It made it much better offroad and desert riding which is 99% of what I do. That thing would just tractor up most hills no problem. I didn't notice any sluggishness at all after this mod, it just seemed to get better traction everywhere.

I just did the same mode to my '09 YZ450f and consider it some of the best money spent on modifying my bikes to suit me.

Added a weighted Flywheel to my 08 450 and it helped bigtime in the altitude as far as hill climbing etc

The GTYR Off-Road flywheel is awesome for not stalling / riding woods / rocks etc. if tey make on - if not the stealthy works good too.

Got the Stealthy installed the other day, quick and easy job.

I went out riding on Sunday and it made a HUGE difference, I love it.

-You can lug the motor more without worrying about it stalling.

-The power is more controlable.

-I believe it's easier to start as well.

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