Elbow guards

I am looking for a set of elbow guards that offer some protection but aren't to bulky. What are you guys using? Do you really need them or do they just get in the way?

Bob's Cycle Supply in MN is where I picked up some Fox Comp?? elbow protection. They are like a sleeve, no straps. They offer something but don't have a plastic cup. I like them so far, I have skinny forearms and they don't slide down. Might be a starting point at least.

As far as whether they are necessary, I like knowing that I can bail and not have a gashed elbow.

See if this link works otherwise copy the entire line into a browser.


I use these - wouldn't ride (hard) w/o them:


Don't even know they're on. Just pull 'em up high and they stay fine.

Elbow guards...


I have a pair of the Fox Extreme elbow guards. They aren't all that comfortable on a long ride, as the velcro straps dig in, but they did save my elbows once last year after a big get-off. The plastic cups had major gouges and scratches, my arms came out fine. They are good for the money, but there are better on the market. My new Shift XC Enduro jacket has built in elbow guards, they are very, very comfortable. :)

i have a pair of six six ones and there realy nice and there not hot :)

I like the MSR guards. They're durable, provide good protection and are adjustable. I also have some of the sleeve types and they don't seem to last vary long down here. I ripped one almost in half last year after catching a briar bush at around 40 MPH.

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