Flatland Racing Skid plate

Anyone have one yet? I still need to get radiator guards and it seems like the flatlands are one of the best. I was hoping to get both from the same place and save some on the shipping. Thanks

Yeah , I just put one on. It mounted very easily to the original mounting tabs, it only took about two minutes. The thing is beefy too, its made out of 3/16 aluminum. I was very impressed with the fit and finish.... :):D

When you mounted the skid plate did you remove all of the stock plates and guards or leave them on. The skid plate looks plenty strong. Iam just not sure if the stock stuff should stay. :)

I removed the front plastic skid plate and the bottom one as well,because the flatland plate looks like it was designed to fit tight to the mounting tabs.I did however leave the two oem case gaurd plates on because the new plate does not interfere with them. The plate has already payed for itself,on my first ride with it I came down hard on a rock on the right side which i'm sure would have done some damage....


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