BK..."00 clutch oiling

BK: The '00 clutch seems to suffer from excessive grabbiness. Aside from upgrading to a Hinson basket, is there a modification to the clutch push rod that would aid in plate lubrication? Is this grabbiness due to lack of oiling?

with the standard clutch basket there are to many holes for the oil to escape through. As soon as the clutch starts turning it throughs al the oil out. Take "O" rings double the thickness of the hole, cut it , stretch it and pull it through the whole and the cut clean on both sides.I closed 4 out of 5 wholes per section and it solfed the probleme.

Hope this helps!

Boit and anyone else:

Sorry I'm not BK but I have found that this helps my grabby clutch. When you first start it, let it idle for a little bit, how long depends on how cold the weather is. Then after it is slightly warm, pull in the clutch and hold it in for about 30 seconds giving it a little throttle 3 or 4 times. Then proceed as usual. I have found that when I do this the clutch is less grabby and often not grabby at all. I figure it just helps it get a little more oil flowing to clutch when just beginning the day. I'm still on the stock clutch and haven't had any problems other than occasional grabbiness on first start up, and this procedure has pretty much eliminated that.

JBM, What oil are you using?

I think JBM is on to something here. I was thinking since these motors are dry sump. Mayby the clutch does not stay bathed in oil like a wet sump motor where the clutch sit in a tub of oil.



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I also do the same thing w/my clutch...and noticed that this helps the bike warm up faster too and it shifts better throughout the day! I just use "good ole" 10w-40 Valvoline in my bike and I have never had my clutch feel grabby or want to stall on me...I think Yamaha finally hit the nail on the head w/ the 01' 426! Just my $.02



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I use Mobil 1 15w50 and have been since after break-in. I got my bike in December of 1999. I just feel if gives good performance, is readily available, and doesn't cost too much.


I think you're right, the oil tends to drain off the clutch plates when the bike sits for a while. What I figured is that if you can get a little more oil to the plates then it would help with this problem and that procedure has seemed to help.

Post to all with clutch problems:

Go to your Yamaha dealer and get the anti-judder spring, plate, and friction plate that is std in the 01 426.

The problem is that the innermost plate sticks to the clutch hub. The spring kicks it away from the hub. The spring is a flat surface spring the same dia. as the clutch plates. it must rest against a hardened washer. Also the first steel plate is also hardened. Finally there is a special friction plate that is thinner to allow clearance for the spring washer.

I hope that wasn't to confusing. Kinda hard to describe in words. I hope this info helps.


Yamaha Factory Race Team


Thanks BK, finally an solution to the only real flaw in the '00 bike. :)

Any chance you could post the part #'s

A big "Thank You" BK ! I have already traded my 00 in for a 01, but it sure will help those still holding onto the 00. I will be sure and share this info with all my friends riding 00's. (Makes me wonder why Yamaha would't fill us all in on this fix)


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A big thanks to all who posted an answer. Every one was very informative and showed that you guys took some time and thought to this problem. Thanks again.

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