Anyone have pics of their DRZ with a Terraflex on?

I know it's supposed to be for "bigger" bikes but I also know some people happily run them on the DRZ.

The ability to run it flat appeals to me in the remote places I travel. Is there enough clearance between the swingarm and tire to run flat on a DRZ though???

No pics but I ran the smaller one and it hooked up very well. The knobs chunked up very quickly and the tire was pretty much spent in about 1200mi.

Here's a pic or two of the terraflex on mine. It's the black DRZ. Oddly of all those pics I don't have any closeups. You could dig through the album to see more pics of the Z with the terraflex on it.

I wouldn't count on riding it flat though. I used to ride with about 3 psi in mine all the time with ultra heavy duty tubes and only had one flat in several years. Awesome traction at 3 psi. It sucked when it was flat though. Like riding on ice.




Man, i sure would like to ride where you took these pictures. Oh yeah tire looks Gnarly. Mitch.

Thanks for the pics guys. That tire is huge....the monster truck tire for cycles!

Look up TT member Robotmachines, he runs one.

Check your gearing. the terror is a huge tire and you'll need more torque to get it rolling and it takes a lot more brake to stop it. I went to 14/47. I am in florida and ride in a lot of sugar sand and I'm using the bar mounted rear brake.

Search the posts, some claim the new "improved" tflex sucks compared to those made a couple of years ago. Ive got 1000mi on mine (1/2 years old) and it still looks new, almost no wear on the knobs.

Thanks, everyone. I decided that wasn't the tire for me and purchased a Pirelli MT43 instead.

On another note, Zgrant231, is that an IMS or Clark tank on your bike?

That's the IMS 3.2.

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