will 06 clutch plates fit in a 2010 ?

I got a leftover OEM clutch plates kit from my old 06 and my 2010 is in dire need of fresh plates. Will they fit if I just remove one steel and one friction plate?

No. The Friction plates are the same old ones from the '03 model that they've been using right along, but the plain plates in the '10 are thicker. If your plain plates are usable, you could just use the friction plates from your set. But if you try using the '06 set short one pair, the stack will be about 3.5mm too short, and may very well slip. Certainly wouldn't last as long, and you might have trouble adjusting it.

The kit is new... Glad to know I can at least still use the friction plates...

Thank you very much Gray for the prompt and precise answer.

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