fork problem???

im having trouble seperating the fork to change the seals every thing has been done correct to get to this stage but when i go to seperate it jams(gets stuck) cant seem to get it to come apart any suggestions or advice would be great

Year model?

07 450

In order to remove the fork seals, you have to start by removing the inner cartridge. Unscrew the cartridge from the top of the fork, dump the oil from the outer chamber, thread the cartridge back in a ways, and turn the fork over.

Back the rebound adjuster all the way out (first turning it in while counting clicks to note your adjustment position), then unscrew the assembly from the fork leg. Compress the lower tube to expose the cartridge rod and disconnect it from the adjuster. Then remove the cartridge.

Pull down the dust seal and disengage the seal retaining snap ring. Now take the fork assembly, one tube in each hand and extend it sharply and somewhat forcefully until it stops against the seal. Repeat. You are hammering the old seal out of place in this process, so you have to smack it fairly hard a couple of times.

thants what im doing but im smacking it and it getting jammed?

the cartridge is out and the wire snap ring removed?

Better let someone have a look at it.

yea im thinking either the seal is stuck or the bushings have overlapped?

Heat the outer tube in the area of the seal and bushing with a propane torch. Then smack it apart as you were trying before.....

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