Riders of the pig,

As the BRP makes its way through the desert at high speed you inevitably hit the hidden land mine (partially submerged rock) which begins to make nice flat spots in the rims. Any recommendations for rim replacements and suggestions where to buy? Did you replace the hubs as well? :)

Check out Rad Manufacturing. I'm still on the stock wheels that are still almost perfectly round except for a few minor dings from rocks, but I can see a new set of wheels being needed before the end of next year and probably much sooner. I've been looking at the Excel/Talon combo's which I've used in the past with excellent results, but I talked with a guy who recently broke his 3rd Talon hub on his CRF450 and couldn't get it replaced under warranty anymore. Then he switched to Rad and never looked back. I've never owned a Rad product, but they're made in the USA :), they appear to be well built, they have zerk fittings for easier greasing and they have a lifetime warranty on the hubs :D. Their prices aren't too bad either.


I'd really like a set of black rims with gold hubs (schweet looking :D), but I'd probably go with the silver everything only because the nice anodized finish would probably get ruined from me changing rear tires every 5 - 10 rides :D

If you're simply going to use an Excel rim with the stock hub, you may want to stick with the stock sized spokes. There has been more than one person who has installed heavy duty spokes on their XR650R hubs with bad results (cracked hub), so I'm a bit leery of this approach even though some don't seem to have problems. Good luck with whatever your choice is!

Oooooh T-Daddy! Rad Wheel assemblies are looking sweeet! I never knew about them and checked out the site thanks to "Q". You'll be a stylin' Chunk Thumper! What colors ya gonna get? You know you're goin' for it!! :D:)

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