Taffy, how did your bike go? Did you get the clutch fixed and was the re-vamped jetting all that you thought it would be? I'm still waiting for the parts on mine. Went for a ride with Mitch a couple of weeks ago, I dont know what he's done to his bike but its the first time I've ever seen a wr4 on the back wheel in fourth or fifth gear and still wheel-spinning down the track!! (I've got to get one of those dual ignitions)


how perceptive of you!

yep, it was my first ride sunday. i should have gone to the county cup final for rugby here in cambs but i said stuff it & went for a ride in a field near a motorway. no animals in this region & because we're unaffected in anglia things have been loosened up a bit.

anyway the bike.

funnily enough it ran just like it did pre testing. flat spot for 3mm of throttle, then go. now before you say anything i just jumped on it & had a ride, you know, went nuts for an afternoon. i'm not saying i was rusty after 6 weeks off but i had armpump loading the trailer to go!

i'm in the middle of a 2-week easter break in which i'd like to clear the time to have a go at the jetting & of course go for another dirt thrash. i'm getting to be a fat boy without the riding so it's been down to the gym for me.

i have been in contact with 'andy' from suffolk who i think has only been on this site a few times & he had a ride on it. said it was quicker than his YZ98 in the midrange but he couldn't hack the clarke tank etc & parked it up pdq.

quite frankly splint, i'll take my time & bugger everything else. from now on i'll do THE JETTING at my speed. AFTER ALL WHEN I STOPPED IT STOPPED DIDN'T IT!



Good to here you're out riding again.

The jetting NEVER stops, it just goes on and on out of sight.

I had a machinist do some custom triple taper grinding on EMN & EMP needles and ran tests on FMN & FMP needles too. The pilot air screw was tried over a range 3/4 to 2 1/4 getting a feel. The pump stroke adjusted 0, 1mm, 1.3mm to see if BK's postings work any better.

Too much data to spend time posting. My favorite is close to "The Works" only using FHN/FHM#5 on the previous thread. Hits hard and doesn't let up, requires throttle control(restraint), and rewards aggressive riding. This setup belongs on the YZ forum rather than here.

As a side note, ran a local marathon last weekend - 3:12:39. Do you work out much also?


not enough JD!

i do conditioning with my job but i do such long hours i only go to the gym in the holidays sometimes. very little cardio-vascular stuff i'm afraid.

i badly twisted my ankle last may & so i walk with a limp but run ok. just as i started playing rugger again i 'hyper extended' my knee in feb this year, so i've stopped again!

with the weight i carry i can't imagine me doing a marathon. 15 years ago i did a half marathon & i reckon i did it in the same time as you!

when i went to the IOM for me hols last sept i used to have breaky at the GH or when i moved in with my mate. camelbak on, ride all day, tea.

in nine days i lost about 14lb's. i was also pissing it up in the evening so maybe that had something to do with it.


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