Off road tours

Has anyone ever been to the Steve Hatch off road tour. 5 buddies and myself are leaving soon, never ridden out west, east coast riders, 80% hare scramble 20% MX. Just wondered if anyone had any recommendations and what to expect. We will be riding from Scottsdale, AZ to Sedona if that helps. We are also riding DRZ 400's, I'm used to 2 stroke 00 CR250 but I just purchased a 01 YZ 426 haven't even riden it yet, I have been on a 99 YZ 400 and love it, just wondering how a DRZ compares.


I have ridden a couple of times with Hatch. You should have a great time. The desert out here is amazing. Great single track. Sedona is one of the most popular tourist destinations in AZ. You will see why.

Have fun,


To answer your comparison question, not even close. It compares well to an XR400, same type of crappy suspension, similar power, seemed to rev higher to me but I was not impressed. Just my opinion.

Norman # 911

Thanks guys, I'll be looking forward to riding out there, sounds like I'll be looking forward to getting back on my 426. The plus suspension will probably be a plus since we're doing a 100 miles a day for 3 days. later

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