Starter Clutch problem

Hey all - new 2009 WR450 owner here - and of course my first post is one with a problem.

After getting the bike on Tuesday, starting it up, and riding it up and down the street a few times I got down to some mods. First up, along with a larger gas tank, was the Baja Designs dual sport kit. I want to be able to ride to the trails - so getting this bike street legal is one of my top priorities.

I did the stator modification recommended by Baja Designs, and after getting everything put back together I have a problem that can be traced back to pulling the case cover to do the stator modification - only problem is I can't figure out how to fix it.

Basically, when using e-start, the starter isn't engaging the starter clutch. When I hit the button, I can hear the starter "free-wheeling". To verify that this is what is occurring, I pulled the torque limiter out and hit the button. When I do this I can see the starter spindle spinning and making the same "free-wheeling" sound. Put the torque limiter back in, tighten everything up, same problem.

So for some reason the starter spindle (not sure if that's the right word for it) isn't engaging the torque limiter. Everything else checks out, both the starter clutch drive gear / rotor and the idle gear turn freely in one direction but not in the other, which I'm pretty sure is correct.

It almost feels like the torque limiter is falling out to the left, if that makes sense, which then puts it too far out to engage the starter.

Thoughts? I'd hate to have to take this to the dealership before I even get a chance to really ride it.

The image below shows where I think the problem is - the points in red.


Well - I'll bump this once just to see if anyone has any ideas - otherwise its off to the dealership on Tuesday.

Did the torque limiter reducing bushing fall out of the case? Can't speak for the 09, but I had to install a reducing bushing in my 03 for the 04 torque limiter. Don't know if later models still require a bushing or the case was modified to take the smaller shaft.

I don't think so - but thanks for the response.

I'll check that tonight when I can crack it back open.

Check that the idler gear between the torque limiter and the starter clutch ( the big gear behind the rotor ) isnt put in back wards. never mind, it wont fit period

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