What oils do you guys use?

I was reading a response to one of my other posts and it got me thinking about oil. I searched old posts and found a little info but not a lot. What brand/weight/etc.. are you guys running. I just recently switched from Yamalube to mobile 1 sythetic 15/50. I ride mostly SoCal deserts and tracks. I did see some debate between synthetic vs. non in those older posts also. So what do you guys run?



When in doubt, GAS IT!

This is a good link about the mobil 1 oils. They have a specific oil for wet clutch bikes. I started using 15-50 mobil 1. I think I am going to try the MX4T.




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Yeah that Mobile MX4T sounds like it is what we should be running. I wonder how much it costs? I haven't noticed it sitting on the shelf at the parts store or kmart/walmart type place. I wonder how easy it is to find?



When in doubt, GAS IT!

I have run Yamalude 20-40 in my 98 YZ400 since it was new in 98. I have confirmed with Ed Scheidler and Larry Roeseler (who owns Stroker Speed quipment) that the demons to a fourstroke engine are dirty oil, dirty oil filter and uncleaned air filters. I have raced my 400 since it was new, changed my oil and filters every two rides and have not even had to put rings in it. My compression is still within 5 lbs of when the bike was new. Yamalube is inexpensive and as long as you do frequent oil changes (as we should!!) it works great.


Beware when switching back and forth with different types of oil. Synthetic oils will make the oil seals swell differently than mineral base oils. If you do switch (sounds like you did) stick with it or you could find yourself riding a big blue "harley" (oil leaker). There has been numerous discussions about oil choices on the forum. I use Mobil Delvac 1300 super in both dirt and street applications. It is rated for transmissions as well as engines. Some guys here are using mobil 1 some are using Castrol, I am sure you would find all brands of oil on this list if you asked. I will not use Synthetic because of the friction modifiers. Since our bikes put out alot of torque and most of us will eventually want more torque than stock, I feel that we need all the friction we can get in the clutch. Most auto type oils (penzoil, valvoline) also have friction modifier additive packages in the oil, this can do the same thing to your clutch as Synthetic oil. Delvac 1300 is designed for heavy duty applications (Semi truck engines, bull dozers, etc), it is cheap (about $5 per gallon), and it also has more detergents in the oil because it is used for desiel engines. As long as you change it regularly there should be no reason to spend a ton of money on it. I just like the piece of mind that the oil is always clean and do not have to worry about the cost of changing it often.

Just my $.02

Hope this helps


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Ive been using the Silkolene 4 stroke oil for the last 3 changes. Shifting is nice and smooth now. Im very happy and will continue to use it.


I use Mobil 1 15w50. It does not have friction modifiers as mentioned above. I use it because it offers good performance, good availability, and a good price.

Tim is right, you should not switch back and forth between synthetic and petroleum based oils. It may not be good for the seals or the clutch.

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