06 YZ450F Wont kick over

Heres the situation. We go to the track w/ the bike and it starts right up on the first kick no problems (never has had problems starting). Maybe 6 laps around the track...no problems. Out of no where it started acting like it wanted to stall...so it did. Kicked it over once it stalled and it stalled again seconds after. Kicked it over and over...nothing. tried push starting it...nothing. We changed the spark plug w/ a spare...nothing. Drained the gas from the float bowl....nothing. Cleaned the air filter...nothing. We checked to see if it was getting spark and it is. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks fellas

p.s. - yes, the bike did have fuel.

Hmmm. Well, in the simplest form, all a motor needs to run is just the correct air-to-fuel mixture, compression, and a spark at the correct time. I realize you probably already know that. It sounds like you have spark, so I'd focus on the fuel delivery & then compression aspect of what your engine wants.

Be certain there's nothing like a rag or something stuck in the intake tract or carb. I've had a bike run with one in there, as much as it pains me to admit this. :smirk: You're certain everything is alright with the carb?

On the compression end of it, does it feel like it has compression when ya kick it over? May not hurt to check the valves, & the cam chain timing .....

I just read a deal about our '06s having some intermittent electrical probs in thier "Ask the MXperts" pages in Motocross Action magazine. Something about the stator cracking or something like that on our model year?

Had you done any work to the bike before you took it out to the track? Thinking back on that may give you a clue as to what it could be.... I say this because I've had problems with a bike before that I inadvertently caused. Once I mentally went back over what I'd done, it was as if a light bulb went on over my head.... Anyway, I hope this either helps, or someone else that can help more will come along......


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clarify a point

Check spark, then check valve timing.

Diesel, the only thing that i've done to the bike before the "situation" is change the fork seals. I'll look over the carb.

Gray, Ive checked and there is spark. I'll check the valves.

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