Brakes no stopping power

I have an 04 450 and having problems with the front and rear brakes. I have bled them and replaced the fluid completely in them with new fluid. I bought the bike back in March.

Rear Brakes

These guys are bled and seem to have a decent pedal but it is like you have to really push on the lever to get a good grab. The pads are squeezing the rotor it just seems they don't have enough friction. Any ideas? Should I take them off an soak them in some brake cleaner or something.

Front Brakes

The fronts are little different acting. One day they have a good feel but still no gripping power like the rear. The next day the lever will come almost all the way to the bars and still no gripping power.

I am learning to ride a bike and without brakes my confidence isn't that great and I can't get myself to trust the bike.

Looking for ideas or suggestions.


I think you should start with new pads.

Pads it is. I actually had an extra set of fronts and didn't realize it. Put them on and whole new ball game. I will get a set of rears. From looking at the pads they didn't seem too bad but since I am a newb to these bikes I noticed the brake pistons and how far they were out and I realized right then that the pads were really worn.

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