Silencer repacking


Repack that silencer, you will notice a much improved response off the low end and gain a little all the way up.

I've used different kind of packing and the best I found is the original Yamaha packing that I got with my 2001, ready to put in with the stainless wool and screen like the one fitted at the factory.


I have used stainless steel wool to repack. It works great and lasts 10 times longer than anything else I have tried. It was recommended to me by Larry Roeseler and he knows 4-strokes!! Pack it as tight as possible.


I noticed that my 00 426 is louder than my friends 01. Is there a way to repack the silencer on it? Rich R. had said that they use a different type of packing on these silencers. Any suggestions?

I tried steel wool and it burned right through my pipe, number plate-and stayed burning on the track. It was a night race and at least I got a lot of time on the PA....

Anybody got some real (permanent) ideas/solutions for silencer repacking? I've done it about ten times... I end up just buying somebody's old silencer.

teggers, next time try stainless steel wool~!


Originally posted by teggers:

Anybody got some real (permanent) ideas/solutions for silencer repacking


Unfortunately, there is no "permanent" solution for muffler repacking. These bikes put out such a hot exhaust that anything you put in there will have to be replaced eventually. The stainless steel wool will last much longer than any fiber packing....even the Yamaha stuff. I can get about three months out of mine and that includes practicing once or twice a week, play rides with the wife and kid and racing almost every weekend. That is about as "permanent" as you can get.


I just installed the moose racing silent sport repack cartridge and it's working pretty good so far, was easy to install....check it outweb page

Does the YZ pipe have indentation under it for clearence? Need to know before I buy this one.


The mid section should have some indents to clear the frame and subframe. The bottom of the muffler might have a dent on it to clear the rear brake caliper.


Thanks Ernie....


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