Which YZ forks for a 2004 WR450?

I have searched through the forum and although I found numerous references to people putting YZ forks onto the later model alloy-framed WR's, I couldn't see anything about fitting them to the earlier models.

Although it’s a 2004 model, my WR is literally a brand-new bike (built up mostly out of new parts), and whilst the technology is a bit behind the current WR’s, I think it is worth tinkering with to see whether I can make it handle a bit nicer in the forests and fire trails.

One of the parts that are second-hand are the front forks. The bike currently has 2003 model forks fitted (46mm), and whilst they do their job, I’m sure things could be improved.

So I’m tempted to try a set of 2006/2007 YZ forks to see how much better the twin chamber setup behaves – I already have a set of 48mm triple clamps off a later WR, and I understand that I will need a new brake hose to cater for the differences in the lower leg routing.

I’m also tempted to try 2008 YZ forks, buying a complete front-end (forks, triple clamps and brake caliper), as I have read that the later model suspension has a nicer feel to it.

So my question – has anyone done the 2006+ YZ fork swap onto an earlier model WR, and how did it turn out?

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