DNR in Northern Michigan

Anybody ever had any run-ins with the DNR in northern michigan. Umm... just curious. hehehehe.


Never, they are spread so thin, so many other things to do. Some Sheriffs depts. have ORV Patrols. Kalkaska Dept. has a bike, dual sported Suzuki. Talked to the Officer who had it in the back of a pickup, patroling 2 tracks. (What a great job). Talked to two others in a camo blazer checking out the staging area. They look for ORV stickers and hot doggers, nothing else. The past weekend, conversing with them, they thought the DB limit was 87. I said, pretty sure its 94, checked his sheet and 94 is it, 87 for snowmobiles. Asked if they had a sound meter and if they could check me. He said sure but couldn't find the unit. Nice guys, very lax. If you do run into the DNR and something is not perfect you will get a ticket, they are not big on warnings.

Like he said. You rarely run across the DNR in the UP. If you do treat them with respect. Dont get defensive. Things will go much better.

I am mostly legal. I doubt Id pass a sound test. But it would be close. I have been stoped several times. Once they see the orv and spark arestor they are usually happy. As long as you are were you are supposed to be and not raising hell. If not a plate on the back helps. You can go many more places with a plated bike. You get in a lot less trouble.

Seeing the DNR in the Gaylord area is rare. The only interuptions of fun I've had are with State and County Police. Most just want to make sure you've got a license plate. Never had any issues with equipment. I like to call my bike "Quasi-Legal". :D Hey, it's got a brakelight. :)

Yeah, I got ticketed in my Jeep up by Grayling. :D He said I was off limits in a big sand area around the national guard artilary range. There were no signs and I was not even in 4 wheel drive. The jerk actually followed me and waited for me to go over a hill that the trail followed. If he really wanted to protect the hill, he could have warned me before I went up. :) His reason for the ticket was that you are not supposed to be in 4 wheel drive on state land unless it is a designated motorsport area (i.e Silver Lake, St. Helens). Your car must be able to go on roads and trials that a family car can handle in two wheel drive. When I told him I was in two wheel drive, he said my Jeep wasn't considered normal. :D They guy was a real JackAss and gave me an $80 ticket and kept lecturing me and threatening that he was going to take me to jail because he has the authority! :D Somebody definitely pissed in his Wheaties that day because I was more than cordial. I was not being a hot head and my wife was with me and would tell you the same thing. If you cannot tell by my post, I no longer have much respect for the DNR. :D

Since Govoner Jenny Granhomley cut off all funding for ORV training and such. Lets hope the next big cut is to the DNR. Better known as (Do Nothing Right).

I was lied to by a DNR official when the ORV license first became required. The DNR told me that all money collected from ORV tags/sales, was to be used for aquiring and maintaining new trails.

What a load of crap that was. Just another leftwing ploy to scam more tax money.

Alot of the single-track trails in northern michigan, have become nothing more than whooped out trenches.

building new trails is simple... just run a new trail along side the old one... have the various CCC chapters mark the trails... cost.. next to nothing.

but due to goverment red tape, its not so simple, and its expensive. :)

The last holiday weekend Two friends an I were chased by the DNR, only we didn't know we were being chased. We were riding in the trails new Lewiston when it started to rain. We hit the roads and rode the 10 miles back to a friends cabin. Soon after we hit the road it started to down pour, and we picked up the pace. When we got back to the cabin I opened the garage door and we put the bikes inside. Seconds after we arrived the DNR pulled in. Once they realized we were all street legal they calmed down and left. We we stepped outside we could see smoke coming from from their trucks brakes. They must have been chasing us most of the way back, but we never saw them. Anyway, moral of the story, have a street legal bike, and an ORV sticker. Much less problems with the authorities. They are used to stopping people with no ORV, no licence plate, no spark arrestor. When they incounter someone with a drivers licence, registration, and insurance they are suprised.

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