Red Sicker or Green??

I curious to find out if you guys have green stickers or red stickers. I got a red sticker and both of my friends with 426's got green stickers. One friend of mine bought a 2001 yz250 2stroke and got a green sticker?? What the hell??

Here's the deal.

The EPA determines what causes pollution and what doesn't. CARB determines the standard for what is acceptable, and the law is then generated via the Health and Safety code, which is then enforced via the DMV and Department of Forestry.

All moto's sold after January 1997 with a "C" as the eight VIN character must comply with terms under the red sticker program. Aka, they are not to receive a green sticker.

However, the local DMVs and the main office in Sacramento have not been able to properly control the program. Therefore, green stickers where provided to bikes that should have a red sticker.

There are a few holes in the law and plenty of tricks, but the bottom line is that these guys should have received a red sticker.

As in my case, they most likely won't have them for long until the DMV sends them a letter asking for them to exchange the sticker at the local office.

The real issue here is that two-strokes are on their way out, but the manufactures will not certify the four strokes until the number of units sold makes it worth the cost. It's a bit of a transition period where in.

The other issue is that smog devices will soon be required in the near future as standards tighten.

And as with automobiles, this won't be just a California law. Production and design considerations, in combination with Federal programs will extend the issue into all states.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for the info Dave! I'm just pissed off because I wasn't aware that this bike was non-compliant. I just figured since it was a four-stroke all would be good.

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