Which link bearings?.. OEM, Pivot or All balls?

Just curious to know what you brand you guys use for lower link replacement needle bearing kits?

Can these be ordered from a bearing supply house?.. I see no numbers.

If aftermarket would you go All balls or Pivot... don't want crap but if the imports are ok I'll go that way

opinions appreciated

I use pivot works mostly since it comes with everthing in one package. Never had a problem. I grease them with amsoil heavy duty offroad grease and they last a long time. I have used allballs once on a quad and seemed quality except it came with plastic thrust washers instead of ones with bearings so never used again.

OEM will be the first choice of many and they do cost more.

There are some junk bearing options but the two you chose have had good reliability. Once in a great batch there will be a junker, but to say OEM is perfect all the time is not true.

You can call with the oem number and get an aftermarket match.

I would go with Pivot Works bearings. I have always used them and had alot of luck. Just as good as OEM in my opinion

Yep, go with Pivot Works.

I made the mistake of trying some All Balls one time, and the needle bearings didn't even come with the styrofoam packing in them. Therefore, one or two of the needles fell out during shipping!

With the styro-packed ones, you can confidently install them without worrying about the needles falling out. Then, once installed, you can take the styro packing out and pack with waterproof grease.

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