2005 WR450 worn chain slider hole on swingarm

I was cleaning my bike and noticed that the last bolt (the one used as a reference to measure the chain tension) from the chain slider does not bolt into the swingarm properly, as the hole on the swingarm seems to be worn.

The bolt simply goes in and out without even screwing in/out.

I have tried to use different bolts on it but the same happens and if I try to use a slightly larger bolt it does not fit (obvious).

What should I do? Suggestions?


You need to retap your hole next size up, standard bolt is an m5, your looking at an m6.

Had to do this recently to my own bike because the thread was stripped out after a ride.

Also use some thread lock, medium strength to hold it in place so it doesn't come out.:smirk:


What tools do I use to retap the hole??

What type of screw do I do use after? I am asking because the original one seems to have a larger flat diameter just after the thread (that goes inside the swingarm) and I presume it is like this to make sure the hole is sealed after the screw is screwed in.

I know these might be stupid questions and the answers might be obvious but seriously I do not want to mess anything up (rather be safe than sorry).


I recently had to do the same as RichFZR-WR to my own bike.

You will need a (6mm x 1.0mm) one of these:


Also one of these to turn the tap:


You can do it using a small adjustable spanner, but I wouldn't recommend it to you since this will be the first time you have tried it. Get hold of a proper tap wrench like the one pictured above.

.... and something to lubricate the hole as you tap the thread, even grease will do the job.

I used a standard (nickel plated) 6 x 1.0 bolt with a washer underneath, along with Loctite.

Look on Youtube for a video on "tapping a thread" for instructions on how to do it. It's dead easy really.

Good luck!


Thanks a bunch everyone!

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