03 WR450 Woodruff

Am looking at trading my 97' XR400 (440 kit, pumper carb and gold valve suspension) for a 2003 WR450FS - Heard about the woodruff key/starter/flywheel problem. How can I tell if this was a problem for this bike, and if so, was it addressed? I would be 3rd owner, 2nd owner has no idea what I'm talking about of course ....

The problem was more to do with the starter gear than the woodruff key and was fixed by using some 2004 starter parts.

If you look at the starter gear cover, the replacement one is more bulbous than the original 2003 to cater for the new starter clutch mechansim, so it is easy to see if the mod has been done just at a glance.

It is the round cover on the RHS of the picture below the smaller box.


Thanks for the info ... I'll check on that. Nice bike, clean and run's super strong. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't getting someone elses headache

Thanks this thread has been very useful, good information to know. I'm glad my bike is not one of the "lucky ones".

I wouldn't worry too much if it hasn't had the woodruff key fix. If it hasn't broken already it almost certainly isn't going to now.

...for a 2003 WR450FS...

A WR-450FS is a 2004 model.

A WR-450FR is a 2003 model.

The 10th digit in the VIN that's stamped into the frame's steering head will tell the model year.

If the 10th digit a 3, it's a 2003 model.

If it's a 4, it's a 2004 model.

Thanks for clarifying the model name difference between years. Do you by chance know if the R stands for something other than it possibly being a race model, I ask that because the service manual refers to maintenance after x# of races more often than milage.

thanks again.


2003 WR450FR

The letter R is a Yamaha code that means 2003 model.

A 2003 Yamaha YZ-250 is a YZ-250R.

A 2003 Yamaha PW-50 is a PW-50R.

The reason you see a competition maintenance schedule in that manual is because the WR-450F is marketed and advertised as a bike that can be ridden in off-road competition events.

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