Almost no-hours '07 WR450 FOR $3000.00

For a like new 07, I think $3000 is a great deal.

FYI, last year at this time while I was looking, I found several leftover new 07,08, and 09's in the $4800-5300 range, w/ no taxes. I ended up with a fairly low hour 06 with a license plate for $3600. I wanted the plate more than the new frame. Otherwise I would have bought a leftover new one for $1000 more than a used 07 for $4000. So that is what you are dealing with.

Makes sense. I'll put it up for sale and see what happens. Wont kill me not to sell it..I do love the bike but just dont use it.

I would just keep it. Get it tagged if not already, they make great Dual Sport mountain trail bikes, perfect for Colorado type trips. Extra bike comes in handy. Buddy bike or something to ride when the other one needs maintenance. Just save up and buy the other bike you are lusting over. I'm keeping mine.

I picked up a week ago a lightly used 07 with BD light kit, DOT tires, once plated, 385miles on it. $3900.

Krannie you got a screamin' deal!!!

Nice find....Time to log some miles!!!

Yeah, I lucked out. Going to try riding it with the stock rear spring. Had to compress it about 25mm to get it stiff enough, and now no static sag, and no compression damping (LS) is left, and the rebound is very touchy. Just like on the last bike.

Well done! Great price, great bike..

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