Anyone ever get fire kicking out the exhaust when you hit the throtle hard? What would cause fire to kick out the exhaust? 00'426 THANX!!! Hit-man

mine will shoot fire out of the exhaust every once and awhile (normally after pinnin' it down a straight away)...I was at a local fast track(rio bravo) and a guy on a CR250 was right behind me and about fell off his bike in terror from the fire out the exhaust! After talking to him afterwards...I told him "that is how mean the 426 is, it breathes fire" of course he laughed and then I went back out on the track and contiued to throw roost all over his brand new 01' CR250 (which im sure he loved LOL)

Im not sure what causes the fire but it might be excess gas that is ignited in the muffler and shot out the back?!?! Any of you techies want to inform us?



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

the flame happens when you are wide open then shut off quickly at the end of a straight? i'm not sure what the correct definition of this is, but all the top pro road race superbikes do it too, so it can't be harmful--don't worry


I have one explanation.

When You shut the throttle, some "left-over" gas finds its way out to the exhaust.

It gets ignited by the warm pipe und lights up!!

The extra fuel is used for cooling.

Hope this helps !

on a closed throttle the exhaust will let in air anywhere it can. that unburnt fuel wouldn't ignite but for a little fresh air getting in at a joint.


What taffy said is correct. When you have your engine WFO, unbrunt fuel enters the exahust system. Now we alreay know we have a glowing header pipe.

So we have fuel and heat. All we need now is some oxegen. Will, like Taffy said close the throttle and you get fesh air in the exhaust.

Now we have everthing needed for an explosion. KABOOM.

I would have spent the money for this bike just for the noise and fire. The riding is a bonus.

My freinds ZX12R will shoot a 12 inch flame out the rear.



01 YZ426F #85 Vet C

THANX to everyone who had replied to my question. I was not sure about the fire out the exhaust and the Yamaha shop just looked at me dumbfounded when I asked them. Just like to make sure theres no problem. New to the yz426f, THANX AGAIN!!! Talk to ya later!!! Hit-man

Just a little bonus:

If You want to get an even cooler effect, You could try to run the beast on oxygen mixed acetylate race fuel.

Then the flames turn clear blue.....

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