01 WR 426 is flooding out when starting:

Lately my 426 has been more difficult to start and ends up leading a lot a gas from the carb. After kicking it over for about 5 minutes I end up laying it over on its side to let the gas run out. Then it usually starts. But lately that hasn’t even been working. The only way it would start last time was using the ‘Hot Start’ even when it was cold. I’m not much of a mechanic so any advice?


Check the float height and float needle valve.

Also on the earlier models, while you are checking the float height, you will need to remove the float needle seat and replace the o-ring. It leaks fuel around the outside of the needle seat when the o-ring gets old and brittle.

WR Dave

FCR float needle seat oring 8F2-14147-00

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