Need Advise on my 450

Ok. First off im not trying to post an ad on here. I have one in the classifieds. I have a deal worked out with a guy to trade machines plus a little cash. I have an 08 yz450F with 35.7 hrs on it and alot of upgrades like exhaust, bars, graphics, chain and sprockets, seat, grips, and on and on. I really want a 2stroke again. I have had them for 20+ years and want to get back to it. I have a guy that has an 04 CR250 that he would trade plus 1500 for mine. His machine has exhaust, bars, vforce etc.. He also has the title for it. Im not sure if this is a good deal or not. My bike is really clean with low hours on it and the cr looks to be decent. Im really a yamaha guy at heart and would love a yz but never owned an alum frame CR. Any thoughs? oh yeah and here are pics of both.





Am I crazy and stupid to ditch mine for this thing? It also has a new top-end in it. Let me know guys

get a yz250 :smirk:

See, thats what I was thinking. I never really cared for honda's and always had YZ's. I literally had 4 yz250's in the last 15yrs. I guess I just need to hold out until I can sell mine or find a decent 05+yz250 trade

06+ yz250 if you can find one, they come with the same sss forks that are on your 08

i wouldn't trade...hold off for a 06-09 yamaha yz250y

Thats what Im going to do. Im holding out for what I really want so I told the guy to forget it. Thanks for the extra little push of making me realize thats what I should do. :smirk::thumbsup:


He is paying you cash right? If so take that money and revalve the suspension and get some port work done on the cylinder. Check out the thread called budget cr250 bike or something like that. The CR handles better than the YZ, which is the most important anyway. But the poster of the thread was 2strokenut. And he says it is just about as good as his yz and kx 250 where. Just some food for thought

The newer Honda 250 smokers are dogs they have no power rc power valve is horrible . With that said hey handle awesome and the suspension is plush . But if you get a 08 yamaha the suspension is just as good if not better

had a 01 cr,loved it. o4 motor not as good as 01. now have 07 yz 450 no way would i ever go back.

I have heard that about the 03+ cr's. Im just not so sure about this 450. One day im all pumped up about it and the next im not so sure. And trying to sell its becoming a headache. I have it down to 3500 and its frustrating because its so clean and has alot done to it. BUt the bike market is down now and its not helping that there are stock 08's in the surrounding area going as cheap as 2900$$ :smirk:

So.. The confusion of what to do still goes on. In just wating for a bite on the sale or trade, and until then ill just try to enjoy it.

Wait, have you ridden the 02 to 07 cr250s? That will mean alot more than what people on the internet say

I have ridden an 02 but nothing newer. But quite honestly my heart is set on another 06+ yz 250 or a KTM. Just waiting out the storm of getting rid of it. Or magically waking up liking this thing enough to keep it.

Well its definatly about what you want for example I came off a yz250 03 model and that thigh ripped but I love my 10 yz450f and wouldn't trade or do anything different . It's hard to sell a 4 stroke sometimes cause the buyer never knows the condition of the head . A smoker will usually need a top end but its so cheap who cares . Hope u get what you want bro either way your bike is clean


I Hope it sells either way. But if not I might just put a litle into it to make it more interesting for me. Like flywheel weight, skid plate, 52t sprocket, and hope that it makes it more fun to ride for me.

Thanks for all the advice guys. I really appreciate it.:smirk:

Ok. So I found a trade but not sure what to do. It is an 09 yz250. Here are some pics and some info from the seller. Let me know what I should do. It would be a straight trade.



Seller states:

I bought the bike from the original owner who is a friend last year he only rode trails on it. The bike has always been maintained oil changed after every three rides, air cleaner after every ride, and iv always mixed the gas 40:1. The only thing that the bike needs is new tires the front tire is pretty much shot and the back is close to it, other then that is needs nothing!

Hour meter shows 30.5 hrs

Ported and polished head with 5 hours on a new wiscoe pro lite piston(25hrs)

I had the bottum end split and re-geared so it has more bottum end(25hrs)

Boysen clutch cover- With Hynson plates and heavy springs

CRS suspension set up for a 160-180lb rider

Full Pro circuit exhaust w/ works header and R304 silencer. I also have a sparky

Pro taper bars- stock bend with pillow grips

Black pro wheels w/ stock hubs

Pro wheel holeshot device

OEM chain and sporcket (went from a 51 tooth in the back to a 49)

Victory Circle graphics

Newer brake pads

Just replaced the fork seals

It is a sweet bike always starts and idles perfect and it is a fast bike as well.

I really want to but need some encouragement.

Thanks guys

If that's what you want, then I say - go for it !! The only thing I wonder about are the "internal gears" that the guy changed for more bottom end. Changing gears in the trans. might be exactly what he wanted, but might be totally wrong for your likes. I'd say a test ride is in order...

That was what I was worried about. I'm not sure about it. He rode motocross mostly and I ride woods, so bottom end is a plus. But I really want another yz 2t

The re gearing. It also makes me worry that the cases were split already. I mean people just dont split the cases to get more bottom end. I have had 2t's all my life and if I wanted more bottom end I Looked at pipe options, Gearing, and bore kits. They are alot cheaper and alot less time consuming.

Any advice is appreciated.


Plus theres no title with the sale.

Plus theres no title with the sale.

And why would that be? :excuseme:

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