Attention Pacific Northwest Riders

Those who havent ridden the Goodnoe Hills track and GP course, SHOULD.

I rode it on Sunday, 6 mile loops, through the mx track and GP course, and it was excellent. Its a golf course on steriods.

Info can be found through the Trailsmen website, see oregon offroad events calendar.

Theres nothing like pinning running through 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, while shooting up a 200' hill that steep as hell but wide open grass.

I had to much fun, cant wait to go again.

:):D :D


Inquiering minds want to know!

Riding the WR beside the ZigZag river :) Sounds like a great time.

...and coming from where different sizes of shale rule the day... 3rd & 4th gear grassy hillside are but a dream-scape.

Do you know much about the backroads around your area? I'm passing through on my street bike in a couple of months (Calgary - Monterey)and I'm looking for some twisties to take me from the northeast part of Washington/Oregon over to the coast south of Portland. Got any ideas? ...any remote un-policed high-speed (along the ZigZag river) -type roads :D

thanks. :D


Oatmeal, how do I get there? I'm planning a ride this Saturday and it sounds fun!

Neil......In Oregon, heading south on highway 97, turn west on highway 138, it is just what you want. It will take you to I-5, then go south to highway 42, that will take you to highway 101. Be careful, but have fun. Is that possible?

Directions from Portland, OR?

Hi there...

yep, that road past Crater Lake is pretty damn fine. :D I took it a couple of years back and enjoyed the 100mph rip through the trees coming down from the lake :)

thanks for the help.


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