New Pipe

I was wondering which aftermarket pipes everyone is running and how much they like them. In a few months, i will be buying a new pipe, and have come to decide on either the Yoshimura Race Series, W-Bros. S-Bend, R-4, or the Pro Circuit T-4. Any hlep is appreciated.



Matt I bought the WB pro meg for mine and its hanging on the wall in my garage. My opinion, dont waste your money.

Norman # 911

Beaumont, TX



I have run a Larry Roeseler's Stroker Speed Equipment pipe on my YZ400 for two years. It did not loose anything off of the bottom or mid and lets it rev to the moon. Roeseler knows 4-strokes!!! I pick up my new 426 in the morning and the Stroker pipe is going straight onto it.



The Procircuit T-4 is the way to go. Very durable. It has a spark arrestor that is easily removable and dosent rob too much power. Plus it gives the bike a snappier response throught the rev range.

i have the white bros pro meg e series with the open end cap (no disks) with the tapered head pipe it did loose a littel of the over rev dont get me wrong it will still pull right to the rev limiter but it gained a lot down low and a littel in the midrange i like it a lot it seems to make the bike easer to ride you don't have to rev it to the moon to go fast the power is right there off the bottom if your looking for a pipe to give you more top end at the expence of bottom this is not the pipe for you i did not try it with the disks like wb recomends the say it will rev better with 12-15 instelled i never tried it because i like it just the way it is one more thing this thing is loud with the open end cap i love it

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