Fun wasting other bikes!

I don't know about you guys, but I really have a lot of fun smoking the crap out of people on the street with my 650R. Damn, it's a blast! Yeah buddy, you got a vette? You wanna race a dirt bike to the next light? Let's do it man! Sir, you stand no chance up to 100mph buddy! Crotch rockets? well,,, naw dude this is just a dual sported dirt bike. hahaah. Yeah I got wasted by a R-1 last week, not a pretty sight. Oh well ! You can smoke anything else though no prob. :)

I used to love doing that on my old thumper...pretty funny to watch their faces light up in horror as I would fly by em :) Priceless. I had a gsxr750 that would waste pretty much anything (even those pesky litre bikes, as long as there was a squid on them they would be no problem (squid ratio about 90% lol). Damn fun.

Sunday I went to Sears to return a socket that I broke while working on my bike. As I was leaving, some tatooed to the hilt, old clown on a Hardley comes screaming up behind me revving his bike playing a little intimidation game. I was just putting home on my Vmax. I turn and he revs it up real hard, gives me a crusty and goes the opposite way.

Well, I figured, if this moron wants to play, lets play. So I turned around and went the same way as he did. Every light this idiot gets on it super hard trying to beat me and I'm just barely giving it any throttle as I leave from each light. Finally, I figured it was time to show him what a bike with some hp was like. He hammers it again and I pulled around him and nailed it through 3rd. This guy was completely on it and I went buy this idiot so hard I thought he was going to wreck. He backed off hard and barely eased into the next intersection behind me. Wuss.

Wasting other bikes is a blast. Especially when they are ridden buy dumba$$ wannabe's like this guy.

(squid ratio about 90% lol).

aint that the truth. you can always tell by the 3/4 inch rim of untouched rubber on the edges of the tires. it is always funny to be talking to some guy with like a 999 duc or something about how great it is to kill a twisty but then you look and see the ring and know they suck.

I have a xr650r and a r1. And I would think launching the xr is way harder. The xr is more prone to doing wheelies.

The xr is definatly the funner bike.

When I had my klr650 I beat out just about any bike on the twisties. As long as they did not go full throttle on the straights. And this was with regular dual sport tires. The xr will be a better twisties bike :)

I do love the ducati/harley guys who think they are so much better than anyone else until a underpowered dirt bike makes them look stupid. (The xr is not underpowered thou)

Hahaha! hell yeah man! Thanks for all the cool replies! Honestly, most of the time I come across a Harley or some other cruiser, they don't even want any, but of course sometimes, they do want some. Unfortunately for them, they underestimate not only the acceleration of a big, hot, 650 single like the XR, but they also underestimate the top speed, never expecting a red Honda dirt bike to hit 100 in just a few seconds. Hell yeah! Fun!

Oh yeah, and I know what you mean about the twisties. We have a lot of hilly, twisty farm roads around here, and the XR handles that stuff great, even with the dual sport Bridgestones I have on her.

Have any of you ever noticed how street tires grab uneven areas in backroads and move the street bike around? I rode a Yama Roadstar last weekend on the same roads I ride my XR on, and it sucked. That damn thing was all over the place going where it damn well pleased! Never noticed that kinda stuff on my XR with the dual sport tires or even back when I had the original knobbies on it. And by the way, the Yamaha Road Star 1600 is slow as an old grandma, and handles even worse. Acceleration ? Where? I guess I missed it or something hahaha.


Few stories:

1. I have a 1990 F250 xcab 4by with a 460. Old "farm truck" as I call it. I was at a stop light and a little "Fast and the Furious" wannabe pulls up next to me. "DOOMSST DOOMSST GOON GOON BOOM" goes the stereo. He had the pipe, wing, tach, fire extiguisher, cowl induction hood, on a Honda Civic. HE HE HE HE!!! Light turned green, He took off squeeling the tires, so I laid into it at about 5 mph and blew his frickin' doors off, laughing back at him the whole way. God that was SOOOO funny. He will never be the same.

2. Guy came in to our local Honda shop wanting to sell his 900RR. He was about 60 or so. The guys around said he was a hell of a rider. Started looking over his bike and noticed that the VERY outer edge of the big fat meats on the back were BUBBLED!!! WOW. Come to find out this old fart lives in Sun Valley, has a BUNCH of bikes and his favorite past time is to rail up to Galena Summit... a very windy mother. Anyhow, I wish I had cahunas that big.

3. I had a 1974 Kawasaki H2 2-stroke, triple, 750cc air cooled road bike with a bitch bar and tuned pipes. That thing was a sleeper. Old purple rattlin' POS. Was aweful fun smokin' people up and down the strip. Gets a little scary at 120 on that thing. Where was the GPR then? Also owned a Suzuki GT750 2-stroke 750cc water cooled (water Buffalo). Beat a dumbfounded guy on a Virago 1100. :D

4. Next to the local Honda shop is a Harley hop up shop. Guy had his $35000 Harley out and so the guys at the shop pulled a brand new Warrior out of the show room and beat his ass. Too funny.

5. Got beat but was interesting. We were jetting my bike. started racing my buddy up and down the road. A guy next to the shop was tuning up his Grand American Modified race car and so my buddy raced him up and down the road. He got beat... was fun... 'till the cops showed up. :)

Ok, that's enough...

Got to love drag racing.


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