WR vs YZ

I am re-posting this from the WR forum because I want the MX opinion also. My YZ has been a real joy to ride!

I am 43 years old and decided to get back into riding a couple of months ago.

I was sure I wanted a 2 stroke but I came across a great deal on a 03 yz450f and I figured I could ride it a bit, doll it up, sell it for more and get on with my 2 stroke aspirations. To make a long story a little shorter, I fell in love. So much so that I want a newer version to customize to my size and style.

Here is my current dilema. I like to jump and ride on MX tracks a bit but i also favor trail riding and its a little easier on my aging frame. The yz is a little high strung for technical stuff on trails and I dont want to completely change, and sink a lot of money into this bike, when I want a newer one. My eyes have turned to the WR450. I see it as a little more trail savy with better gearing and prolly the heavier flywheel to make it smoother over transitions. That leaves me with one concern. How will it handle the occasional romp on the MX track? Is the suspension going to handle some of the larger jumps if I just re-spring it for my weight? Is there a downside to my plan? Am I correct in assuming that the WR is still a beast like the yz and will have all the power I need?

For reference I am 6'4" 235 lbs and a decent rider. I also like the idea of having a kickstand and a headlight might come in handy at my buddies farm. Elec. starter doesnt matter, 20-30 lbs. more bike should not be a real problem for me to handle, its still lighter than my first bicycle. Is there any other considerations I am missing?

I appreciate your thoughts and help with this decision.

Also I would be looking at getting one of the left over 09's that I see on the net to save some money.

The weight of the WRF will get real old real fast even AFTER you get the suspension properly sprung for your weight. Having said that, there are a few local fast guys who absolutely destroy me on the MX track while atop their WRF. But it's not like they are eager to take that bike out.

I know what you mean about sinking a ton of $$$ into a mx bike to make it trail compliant. Maybe a suspension valve job, flywheel, proper spring rates, gearing. Many do that route. I do.

But it'd take the same amount if not a lot more to make the WRF mx worthy. Alas, you're not looking to do that. You simply want to know if a WRF would be a good all-around bike. Yes. You are not looking to race it or win in the fast classes. At least not MX.

for the occasional romp on the track you'll get by and still have fun, which is all that matters. If most of your riding is trail/offroad, then get the wr. Its what its designed for and does it very well.

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