02' WR426 plated sell or part out??

I have a 02' WR426 that has 500mi of back roads and two tracks on it. Looks like new except the gas tank decals. It has a MI plate. I was just wondering which way I would get more money out of it.. Part it out or sell it. I'm not sure what they are going for. Thanks

What is your time worth to you?

Parting out a motorcycle is a HUGE job. Taking it apart is easy, but then comes the real work. Listing each item, boxing it up, shipping it. Do you have a commercial shipping account, because if you don't shipping charges will kill you and cut into your profit. Boxes and shipping supplies cost money too. So, in my mind parting it out might make you more money, but does it really in the long run?

I would start on Craigslist and see what they are selling for there, add 150 to 300 for a plate (I don't know how hard it is to get a plate there, in CA a plate adds about 500 to the value of the bike). I would say 1800 to 2200. A plated 2002 WR426 in the Bay Area of CA goes asking price would be 2,600.00 or so for a pretty nice one.

Look on Ebay for the parts and what they are going for. These are rough guesses and what I remember from digging around on Ebay. Just go there and search for WR and 426 then sort through the 400 or so results. Make notes, and check condition. Figure each piece of the bike. Make a spreadsheet and put each piece in, then figure the time and costs with pulling it apart, cleaning it if you are going to do that, packing and shipping it all.

A good motor goes for 500 to 1000, just a head assembly goes for like 300.

Forks, 100 or so.

Wheels, 125 front and 200 rear

Tank not much, maybe 50 with the shrouds and petcock. Most people want a YZ tank for that model.

Plastics not much value, 10 bucks?

Skidplates (3 bottom ones) 20 bucks.

Swingarm 50 bucks

The oil lines are expensive to purchase new, but figure 15 or 20 bucks.

Radiators maybe 50 bucks

Rad hoses, 5 or 10 bucks

Triple upper and lower, maybe 20 bucks

Frame, 100 to 200 bucks. It is against Ebay rules to post that it is plated and stuff like that. You can try to be sneaky about it though.

"This frame has 500 miles on the streets of Michigan, message me about docs included" or something like that may work.

Wiring harness with light and kill switch, 45 bucks

Rear shock 80 bucks

Rear tail-light assembly 30 bucks

Headlight assembly 40 or 50 bucks

Also, keep in mind that those are asking prices on Ebay. You want to look at completed listings to see what stuff actually sold for.

Don't forget to count in a cut for Ebay, and an additional cut for Paypal.

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Thanks Guys, All very good points. I think I'll just wait until spring and sell it as a unit. After all the e-bay fees, pay pal fees, and just the time involved in tearing it down to sell is a little over whelming. Not to mention.. What to do with the parts that don't sell.


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