Just picked up a 2008 YZ 450f

I just picked up this 2008 YZ 450f last week for $3100.00. It has about 30 hours on it and it is very clean, all stock just the rims and graphics. I think I got a smoking deal on it, what do you think.:smirk:



wow, i like the red rims on it. It looks like a sweet bike

Yes you did. Thats crazy cheap for one that clean. I have an 08 now that I keep going back and forth on selling and its just as clean and I have it for 3800. so for 3100 You def got a GREAT deal.

Wow.....great bike !

If it truly has just 30 hours on it I would say that you scored. From the limited wear on the clutch cover and frame it looks like it has low hours.

I like the red rims with the white plastics.

I agree looks clean. Congrats. Ditch the stock exhaust if you want to uncork the power.

Thats definitely a DEAL!

From the photos I can see that your seat cover and rear sprocket are also aftermarket.

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