Vegas to Reno-My expierence....... Photos

This last weekend "Best in the Desert" held their Vegas to Reno race. This would be the second time that I would race this event. The first time I raced it was two years ago and I entered the race as an Ironman Amateur placing third. For the last two years I've been racing in the Ironman Expert class as I'm trying to get the overall championship. This race alone is worth 30 points just for finishing so I had to do this race if I had any chance of winning the overall championship. The first time I raced Vegas to Reno it took me over 17 hours to get to Reno, getting there at 11pm. This time around the rumor was that the course was really fast, even knowing that I ran stock gearing with the 14 counter sprocket, I've been running a 15 on the front just to see how the bike would react. I thought the 15 felt "sluggish" and missed the snap of the bottom and mid range.

The course turned out to be very fast with some really deep silt beds that would last for miles. The temp was over 100 degrees. My father and brother pitted for me giving me gas,goggles,food,gatorade and water. This time around I ran the Maxxis IT tires on front and back. The front tire still looks new and hooked up fairly well while the rear tire had broken knobs everywhere but still the tire worked very well. The biggest mistake I made was not using my Scotts dampner!! I have a Pro-Taper top clamp that is adjusted forward and couldn't get the unit on.. I bought the lower mount from Scotts but didn't feel like grinding and welding my frame so I rode without it... I'm a dumb-dumb!!! Even though I feel that the WR450 is very stable in most situations I also feel that any bike/rider benefits from a steering stabilizer.....

With 14 Expert Ironman riders entered I finished in 3rd place 33 minutes behind the winner, KTM USA's Rick Bozarth from Oregon... I finished the race in 10 hours 57 minutes. Abbott/Esposito finished in 8 hours 12 minutes..

There were many bad crashes during the 513 mile course but none as bad as Todd Cary from Alpine,CA who lost his life on mile 13. He and his Husky fell off course and from what I've heard he broke his neck. After the race Casey Folks (Dir.BITD) was very depressed. He takes it very personal. Todd Carey leaves his wife Tammy and their two kids.. Makes me sick to my stomach :) Please say some prayers for the Carey family....

Below I have a link to my photo album if you'de like to see some pictures......

Take care,


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Great photos, Dan. Looks like it was a fun time. That front wheel looks like it's hit a few rocks! :)

Good pics, Danno! Congrats on the great finish. It's a long, long way to that finish line. Especially in the Ironman class. I would never be able to go that far. My fun factor would end at about 250 miles or so.

You are the man!


Hey Dan how did Ty Davis finish? :) Just kidding....congrats and great fotos. You have all my respect for hangin around the desert this time of year. Ouch!

Nice pic's Dan, well done on your third placing. Sorry to hear about Todd's passing, it must have put a dampener on your weekend. My thoughts go out to his family.

Dan, congrats on a stellar finish! :)

Todd, godspeed and all the best to your family.


Conratulations Dan!

I expect ESPN to do a "Livin' the Life" episode on you anyday!

1. Ty Davis rides YOUR bike!

2. Ironman racing! IRONMAN!

3. Expert, and finishing WELL!

4. Behind the scenes on the commercial scene!

5. Now tell us your women stories!


Keep that ball rolling as long as you can!

Brandon what is with the breastages?

Brandon what is with the breastages?

I am a human freak of nature! Plus, it is a bonus to be universally attractive. If you go both ways, you have a 50% less chance of going home lonely!


A man' :moon:s is better than no :).

Great job! When racing is a family sport, its even more special. I know you allready know that.What did you ever do about your starter. When you got the new one did that fix you up? Mine has been out(not working) for about 6 weeks and I just got a new one today but haven't put it in yet. BTW, some of you guys are twisted.


GO BACK TO THE EGO AVATAR! GO BACK TO THE EGO AVATAR! PLEASE! Are you the guy that won that bet from his friends that if he got breast implants they would pay him a million dollars?

Dan, Congrats again! You are truely THE man! You get to have all the fun out there in the west. :)


GO BACK TO THE EGO AVATAR! GO BACK TO THE EGO AVATAR! PLEASE! Are you the guy that won that bet from his friends that if he got breast implants they would pay him a million dollars?

Yup! And now I am angling for another Mil to make them go away!

How much are you willing to ante up?


I'll send you a blank check today!

That must be why someone mentioned in a earlier thread about you getting a manzier. (man-zeer)

Ok, I'll shut up now, since we hi-jacked Dans thread. :)

Note to self:

Do not go riding alone with Brandon! :)

Great job on the race Dan! :D


Dan congrats on your finish, thats great!!!!

Sorry to hear of one of our own going down.


#616 Todd Carey-Godspeed

Thanks for all the kind words guys!!!!!

Dan, what fun factor? :D

WR250fla, Wow.... Good memory!!! My e-start stopped working 5 hours into my bike. I had my local dealer replace it for a new one and Yamaha paid the bill... Cha ching..... :)

Ohhhh..... I havn't done jack to my "Woodruff key" yet... I think I got one of the good ones... :D

My heart and prayers go out to the Carey family.

Dan, congratulations on the podium finish. Your sure to do well in the points chase. Good luck with the rest of the series.

We're all behind you.

See Ya, Kelly

Brandon, I always thought you looked better in the cape!!!

Amazing finish and endurance Dan! I only dream of being able to ride that long at those speeds. Its great to have the TT members that race and show us the pics. This forum is even better with pics. Maybe we will get to post them on the TT server someday. Thanks for the link to those great pics. :)

Danny, I wanted to respond this this morning but have been busy at work all day. Congrats on a great race and thanks for the pictures. You are doing a great sales job for the WR450. I sure can't wait to try one. If Yamaha is smart they will sponsor you! :)

My heart and prayers also go out to the Cary family. You are such a gentleman to honor him. I hope someday we can hook up for a ride. I look forward to meeting you. I won't be able to keep up but, we can discuss what a great ride it was over some beers afterwords. :D



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