anybody try a 20" front on 426 yet??

Was wondering how big a difference it makes and if it is worth the effort. I need a new front rim soon and might try the 20".

I rode an '01 yz125 and an '01 cr125, both with 20" fronts, a couple of weeks ago. I was so amazed how good they worked I bought a 20" for my stroker the next day! For background, the guy who owns the 125's has been riding for 30 years (used to have factory rides with kawasaki and honda back in his "prime", now does r&d for his own product line), and in his own opinion, says "the 20" front wheel is as revolutionary to the sport as the monoshock was 20 years ago!" I wasn't riding then, but I respect his opinion. I should have mine laced up and ready to go for practice this Thursday (I was sent the wrong spokes, the correct ones are on the way). I'll let you know how it goes.


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So far I have heard very good opinions on this. Though none have been on a 426 yet. I hear that they are even more likely to benifit than the lighter bikes. I would like to hear from you when you get some time on it.



Search for (20" Front Wheel) and read my review on the 20 incher.

Good Luck,


At the Phx SX Dunlap had a display and I have been curious about the height difference.

Side by side, with tires on the 20" is still smaller OD even with the larger profile of the tire. honda compensated for this by making a longer fork upper leg. So my concern is if you already run your forks nearly flush with the top triple clamp for stability at speed will the smaller 20 incher induce headshake?

I'd like to try the 20 incher too if it's negligent as I like the extra meat of the 20.


i just built a 20" front for my '99 yz400 that i rebuilt over the winter to be my new cross country bike. i've ridden it 3x now, and i like it plenty. sticks good. the only negative is that i have to be more aggressive in the ruts, but that's ok- i need to do that anyhow.


will pattison

racer, engineer

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