Bike Graphics, Making it look good! (incl. question on Krylon Fusion)

Howdy Ya'll! (I'm new to this so I am kind of wordy. Please read anyhow and I'll try to make it shorter in the future. You can skip to my questions if you'd like! They begin at Q's) )

I have a 2001 XR650R and I have it set up so I like the ride and performance NOW I'm ready to replace my scratched-up stock graphics so it looks as good as it rides!

I know many say looks doesn't matter, maybe I'm superficial, but for me I believe in taking care of my machines internally as well as externally. On the flip side I also believe in using it for what it is designed for so I ride it as hard as I can and I don't sweat normal use wear and tear, I just fix what I can afterwards but have to deal with the scratches.

(Maybe its a "little pecker" issue :D )

My buddies have new bikes (DRZ's, CRF's, etc...) and since I love my bike and wouldn't replace it for any of theirs :D I want it to cosmetically look good next to theirs. Besides, I tried and tried to convince these buddies that the XR650R was better suited for their riding and that the prices of good, quality, used ones were cheaper and better than the new DRZ 400 and CRF 450 that they wanted but because of wanting the newest thing neither one would listen.

It may sound odd after all this but I am the worst with colors and looks. I couldn't plan it if my life depended on it but if I see it all together I know what looks good to me.

Q's) Now that I have taken up all of ya'll's time reading this, here are my questions;

Q-1) I am looking for graphics ideas for my bike.

Q-2) What companies sell nice aftermarket graphics?

Q-3) What have ya'll done to trick out your look?

Q-4) Has anyone tried the new Krylon Fusion (plastic paint)? It's supposed to bond with plastic and stick really good. (As an option) I thought of the possibility of changing or just freshening the colors of body parts.

Feel free to e-mail me pics of your bikes with info of where you got your graphics and/or what you have done to make it look like it does at

I look forward to looking through the post and pics and decide for myself what looks good to make it custom for me! Thanks in advance. Sorry about the wordy post. :)


I personally like the One Industries graphcis the best and that's what I have on my bike. Unfortunatley, they are also the most expensive graphics out there, but they do look kool :)


I've heard both good and bad things about plastic being painted with Krylon Fusion, but make sure to let it cure the maximum time according to what people have told me or else the results won't be as durable. I'd like to change the color of my bike and thought about all white plastic or all black plastic with various aluminum parts highly polished, but I've got too much on my plate at times and settled for the One Indistries graphics and seat cover. If you have an oversize tank or plan to buy one, make sure to find out if the graphics manufacturer has graphics for that application. One Industries graphics only fit the stock tank. I've got two tanks (stock & Clarke 4.3), two seats & two sets of shrouds so I can switch looks when I get bored between the kool looking One Industries look and the stock 2003 look with my Clarke tank for my 2001 XR650R :D

I want to thank all of you that emailed me your motorcycle pics about graphics. They all looked good and helped me get some ideas for setting up my own bike.




have you had any luck finding black plastic for the Pig? I have been looking for a while and haven't found any :). The Pig is such a beast :D that I think it deserves black plastic!

By the way, I also have the same graphics / seat cover and so far they have held up very well. Completely changed the look of the bike.

I saw on the XR650R Yahoogroups messageboard a fellow that used the Krylon Fusion to paint his side panels yellow. (Message 26255) (Link to the Yahoo Post!) Here are his pics;


With this in mind I'm considering the possibilities of painting the side covers black. (I'm sure any other plastic could be changed as well) I have asked the fellow that posted that message some more questions about it because I can't afford new plastic to fix any mistaks and I'd hate to mess up good plastic.

I'd be willing to look into buying (depending on the prices) someones used and rugged side panels to play with.

Just to show off our bikes I want to make a small site with just pics of bikes and maybe a short description (depending on my time). Please email me at if you would like me to post your pics. I'd like to keep the post to one pic per bike to begin with so if you email me multiple pics I'll choose one from them unless you specify. Look forward to hearing from all of you.


PS if you have previously emailed me pics. (I saved the pics but deleted the messages) please let me know if you do NOT want your pic posted!

I've been thinkin an all black pig would be cool too but again, no luck finding black plastic for my bike. i dont care how durable some paints are, ill scratch it through inside a week, guaranteed if i took the bike out. So i need black plastic. What about black seats and tanks? anyone found black parts?

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