03' WR450 Starter Bushing needed!

Anyone have ever replaced the bushing and where did you get it from. Took the bike in trade knowing it has starter issue. Starter did bench test fine , just needs bushing , grinds and doesn't work right.I found out a Yamaha marine engine used the same starter and end cap.Thanks

took mine off about a year ago and took it to an automotive starter shop.. they put a bushing in it, no problem..

but in reassembly, they tore the oring that seals the front housing and now it is a solid chunk of rust..... just bought a used one off ebay for 65.00, new they are 300.00

make sure if you take it apart, you mark the center part of the starter as to how it goes together... if you put the center part in backwards, the starter will spin backwards...

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