I need to know about 2006 Husaberg FE550e

I currently have a 2004 WR 450 with a Athena 480 kit, HotCam's, FMF SS Megabomb, JD Jetting, and all free mods (Grey Wire, airbox cut outs's, etc.).

Suspension was re-sprung for my weight, but other then that and fresh oil and nitrogen, is stock

All the work was just done this spring, and there is 40 hours now on the top end.

I have just stumbled across a chance to move my WR and pick up a 2006 Berg FE550e for no difference in $$. I loose my WR, and I get the 06 FE550 in it's place.

The main reason I'm considering this is that the Berg is street legal, and plated, my WR is not.

- How do the 06 FE550's compare to my modded WR?

- How is the reliability?

- How long between needing to check valves?

- How long can you expect to go between needing top end rebuilds, like piston rings, cylinders, etc?

Any info on these bikes would be MUCH appreciated!

Solid bikes really. If you can get the bike with no losses, what are you waiting for. I remember the first time I rode my '08 450 after owning an 2002 rm250. Worlds of difference, the bike made me feel like a much more capable rider. The components are high quality, can't beat the brembo brakes and the magura hydraulic clutch. After having my bike for a whole season, all I did was oil changes and cleaned the air filter after every ride. I haven't touched anything else. There are many people with 150+ hours on oil changes and air filters alone. Check Husaberg.org for more info.

The only thing I have to complain about with my bike is the electric starter. It never really liked to crank the bike over cold from new, but the thing fires up so easily kick starting that I am going to remove the battery and the starter. One common thing that you will hear about these bikes is valve springs and timing chain. Everyone recommends changing them out at 150 hours or so. This is because the valve springs tend to break and the timing chains like to grenade.

Valve checks are simple on these bikes. No shims, tappet adjust........like every bike should be. Takes literally 30 seconds to do.

Apparently, you need to split the cases to do piston/rings?

I'm hoping it's not has bad as it sounds, or not as bad to do as with a jap bike........

there is no problem with the electric start on the berg , the fault is in the auto decomp on the ex cam . you modify the auto decomp to actuate correctly .

yes , you must split the cases to rebuild , they have weep hole issues which can cause engine oil contamination if left unchecked

i have no faith in the bergs up to 08 , although they are great to ride .

i owned one for 2 years and was a member on husaberg.org

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I'm leaning towards keeping my WR.

Although the Berg's appear to be a great bike performance/riding wise, these things (engines) are completely alien to me, and the closest dealer is almost 5 hours away.......

At least with the WR if I do get into a mechanical job that I feel is over my head (spliting cases, cranks, etc), there are lots of good, capable and reasonable priced places for me to go to locally here.

i have no faith in the bergs up to 08 , although they are great to ride .

Why no faith in the pre-lay down bergs?

i have a 2005 fe550. i don't ride it much (i have 3 other bikes) so it only has 307 hrs on it. I check the valves every30-50 hrs, but they've never moved much. I did have the cam chain replaced along with valve rockers (parts and labor about $450 total I think) last year, but that's about all i've done to it.

I personally plan to crate up the motor and send it to someone smart when it needs a rebuild in another couple hundred hours.

I was kinda leery too regarding the 'berg reliability but I thought what the heck, if it breaks, I have other bikes to ride. So far, it's been great. It's super-easy to work on as well. There's nothing on the bike that doesn't need to be there, not many parts to deal with.

I'm very happy wth it. :smirk:

I should add, I'm speaking of my FE650.

I'm afraid I'm sticking with my WR. Not that it is a "bad" thing, but the free swap now is going to also be $1500 diff out of my pocket, which I don't just have floating around at the moment, and the fact that I know (and like) my WR, and it's all fresh, and should last me many seasons to come with maintenance. The lack of a local source of parts, and knowledge also seriously affected my decision, and the thought of splitting cases to do a ring and pistons didn't sit well with me.

I have to admit though, it seems to be one nice, sweet ride. Someone can get that for a really good deal up here.

It's at the local Honda/KTM Dealer here in New Brunswick Canada, I just was back looking at it, and it has 65 hours / 2600 km's on it and it's in the $4500 cdn range if anyone is interested.

If I was in a better financial situation, it would be in my garage next to my WR right now.

As far as the Japanese 450s go, the Yammie is my favorite. Dang good engine design in my opinion.

I had an '03 WR450 and an '01 YZ426 and neither bike gave me a bit of trouble.

"Bigbob" on TT (NorCal guy) has a 2006 Fe550, you can hit him up as well

Why no faith in the pre-lay down bergs?

counter balancer failure , broken valve springs , constant weep hole issues .

main bearing failure , cam chain problems .

friends of mine had similar problems

i had the FE 650 , but what a blast to ride

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