Knee/shin Guards? Should I?

How many of you guys wear Knee/Shin Guards? Last weekend i fell in a corner and hit my knee hard and had a knot there for a couple of days and since im new i figure i have quite of few more falls to go on my knees.. Should i purchase some knee guards? Are they worth it? Comfortable to wear? Protect the Knee and shin well? Opinions Welcome :smirk:

Definitely get some of those! The only cost like 20 bucks. I find that when i ride without them, it hurts my knees to even squeeze the bike after a while.

I use Thor Force Knee Guards and like them alot. They cost about $100 and seem to be well made. These cost a little more than most guards but are cheaper than braces. They have saved my shins and thighs on a few rides. I wouldnt think about riding w/out them now. They are a little rough on tank decals but i covered all rub /wear points on the braces with mole skin. This seems to help with the wear issue.


Dunno about motocross, but I wear them all the time for woods riding. Falling on rocks, banging over small saplings, couldn't imaging riding without them.

I have some long MSR socks (thigh length), and strap the guards on under my riding pants.

I use elbow guards too. Fell once a while back hard enough to make a bruise on my arm the size and shape of the elbow guard. Hate to think what the outcome would have been without it.

They cost about $100...

:p ...ouch!

Well, any knee/shin protection is better than none. I will not ride without them and they have saved me countless times when I have landed on rocks and such. BTW, I just run some cheap Shift Enforcer guards. They work great and are super cheap ($13 through Motorcycle Superstore). :smirk:

I never ride without mine. They cost me only $20 bucks. Its better to be safe than sorry.

People ride with out them?

I use them now after I busted my knee. also I use elbow guards.

After hitting my knee 14 times in one race (four times in the same coner) and three times on some rocks about 10 years ago I don't ride without them.......ever

anyone have any padded knee guards that protect the sides of your knee (e.g. the patella)?

I have the knee/shin guards that cover the front, and if I get into a sticky situation I always tend to wack the inside of my knee against the tank and it ends up sore for a couple weeks

Knee/shin Guards? Should I?

They can make the difference between getting up and dusting yourself off, or going home with a broken bone. I recently had a head-on collision, and I can't imagine what would have happened had I not had all my gear on. Chest protector, knee guards, elbow guards, boots, helmet, all took a beating. Replaced the helmet. Hind sight is always 20-20. Be safe, not sorry.

Yup last time I was out fell on the right knee twice. Caused a nasty knot on my knee lol.

Ya I were them and I like my thor force.

Another Thor Force knee guard owner here-excellent product! They are more like $80 but well worth the money. What I really love is they extend above the knee a few inches-I can't count how many times I have hit that part on the bars when going over the bars or having a small log flip up and hit that area that is normally unprotected. The illusion colored ones are bitchin' looking too haha!

People ride with out them?

No kidding. Is there a disposable part of our bodies?


Dress for the crash, not the ride.

I have a set of Fly knee guards. They were only about $35 if I remember correctly. They pivot at the joint and give some frontal thigh protection. They were uncomfortable for the first ride, but after that I didn't even notice them. I've bashed into a few rocks and whatnot and they do the job. I bought them after going down and getting nasty sore spots on my elbow and knee. I also have a 661 pressure suit, it's more comfy than a chest protector and strap on elbow guards. Knees and elbows are exposed and get dinged up easily. They're also quite a nagging soreness after the simplest of get-offs.

Having knee guards around could also come in handy if you need to do tile work in a bathroom:excuseme:

Another vote for Thor Force's. I've used them on every ride for the last 2 or 3 years (over 400 hours) and they more than paid for themselves on the first crash. They wrap all the way around and have dual hinges like the much more expensive braces, they just use a plastic frame instead of aluminum/carbon fiber. They also stay put way better than the old TLD knee/shin gaurds (especially sliding in a crash:thumbsup:) that I used for 4 years before them, being that they use 3 elastic straps along with seperate upper and lower neoprene/velcro closures. They will also prevent hyperextension unlike standard shingaurds.;jsessionid=2EDA20A00D012FB0C9F79241C39CA4EB.westring1?webCatId=1&webTypeId=86&navTitle=Apparel-MXGear&navType=type&prodFamilyId=18616&stockId=157719&ref=gmc

I would rather ride without a helmet than without kneepads and motoboots, cuz my feet and knees are down there by the hard sharp stuff.

I use simple $15 kneepads and they work great.

yes use them! they are cheap and very effective!!

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