deal or no deal?

Hey guys im looking to do an rm250af conversion and i think i found the donor bike, its an 05 rmz450 with about 120 hours on it, bike was re-ringed and looked over last fall and only has about 5hours of ride time this year. i know the owner of the bike and i know the bike has been well taken care of the chassis and all the important things i need are in great shape, and the motor is decent may need valve seals smokes for about the first 5seconds when fired cold, he told me i could have the bike for 1800. i already have the rm250 bike for the motor and such, im just wondering if 1800 is a decent price and can i ditch the motor and full fmf 4.1 exhaust on fleabay and possibly make some of my money back? thanks for looking and please help me out a little

How much for that motor? PM me if you still have it!

how much for the 4.1?

I know I guy trying to sell a RM250af if your interested its in TN. Ill try to find a link.

I just bought a cr and not happy with it. But I would be intetested if you can find a link

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