My "new" 03 YZ450F

all stock except Black Prowheel rims

ASV levers

Works Connection Holeshot decive

Pro taper fat bars

just put grips on it and grip donuts

Brand new Kenda Washougal back tire

got a front tire on order so hopefully it gets here soon so itll stop washin out on me

Keeps up with/ Takes off and leaves my neighbors 09 KX450F lol

just depends on where were ridin

my first 450 and im never goin back to 250s ever again







cool new bike my 03 was the fastest 450 I've ever ridden, I put a flywheel weight on it to make it easier to ride.

Nice Bike. Really clean looking :smirk:

thanks for the comments

i actually love the way it rides now i dont think id change anything other than regular maintenance on it lol

got the new back tire hopefully comin in today or tomorrow so i can break it in real good haha

wouldnt mind findin one of those GYTR exhausts for it i hear those sound pretty nice

anyone know how or know of where to find find info on doin a valve job on this bike?

dont have the money to pay someone to do it so im gonna have to do it myself

any info would be awesome as it does need the valves adjusted pretty bad

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