I just had to let you all know that I spanked a 00 426 today on my 01 650R and I liked it alot. HAHAHAHA

Not on a track you didn't. Street maby (HA)

How did you do that, cut in line at the portajhon?

Hey thats great! Your a prime example of how a good rider can take a pig of a bike and do good on it. Now just think how good you would have done on a 426,,,,,, hell you might even have been a pro,,, MC,RC watchout. XR650FIRE isn't it nice to know you dont need brains to go fast on a XR650(in a straight line) or to start a flame in a news group.


I agree with all of you. The YZ426F is a great bike for the track. I had a tough time deciding between the YZ and the XR. In the end I decided to go with the more reliable, lower maintance, better ride for me the XR650R. I ride Trail/enduro mostly which the YZ is not desighned for. Yes the ride was on trails/enduro riding and in this area the XR650R is going to eat the YZ426 for lunch.


ignore it,,,,it will go away

If you knew half a crap of what you where talkin' about you would have purchaed a WR426! that bike will smoke a XR650 on any trail in the country! providing the trail has turns of course.

I'm thinking you are dreaming and simply have not awaken yet!!!


I thought an XR650 needed a mile to turn around ( and a couple of tug boats to park it). Don't you have to go to a special driving school to haul around that much weight? When I was in the Army, they taught us to hide in a hole and let the tank run over us . We would then pop up and shoot the tank with a L.A.W. Now these were primarily cold-war era Soviet tanks. I don't know if they've come up with a new weapon that can take down the much heavier XR650

I just recently rode with an 01 Xr 650 and I have an 01 426. We were riding in the dunes and he had a paddle tire and I didn't. I could blow him away anywhere anytime. They weigh about 400 pounds. (Ha Ha), and seem very sluggish to me. But hey ride whatever floats your boat!

who cares? the Xr650 looks gay compared to the yz. Bet ya I get more chicks


I'm certain that there are a few riders that could smoke you while riding a modified XR100 - and I'm not kidding either. Think about it.


Can you say boat anchor!

Can you say boat anchor!

There is snowmobiles that weigh less than the xr650. What happens when a xr650 rider gets stuck, do they give you a AAA card when you buy one for the tow truck?

Yeah I heard that the XR650 is not only fast but you can now get the new sofa seat option so that most of the fat slobs that ride these things will feel right at home when riding!!!

First off, im very open minded about both bikes...they are both marvels in their own right. However, I believe both parties are making riduculous comments concerning each bike. Both the bikes werent made for the same purpose. The XR was made for open course racing with balls to the wall top speed, while the YZ is made for more of a closed course riding with still tremendous power. In all honesty I have never seen a stock YZ beat a stock XR in flat out runs, but then again I have never seen a stock XR beat a YZ on a tight course(not saying the YZ426 isnt poerful because it is and its topspeed is tremendous as well). Again, both bikes are designed for two different purposes. Both are excellent bikes and I would love to have both but I chose the XR for its power and because im 6foot7 and would be able to man handle it close enough to what a average size rider would be able to man handle the YZ. My only concern is that some of the people on this board think the XR650r is a tank and it only weighs 277lbs dry(yes I know its heavier than teh 426 but not near 400lbs or a tank by comparison). If your strong enough to handle it like I(not bragging, just suggesting that the size and strength of the rider determines whether or not the bike is heavy or flickable in comparison to the YZ with a smaller rider) then the bike is not heavy in comparison. I ask you to please not suggest the bike is a tank just because a smaller rider thinks its to heavy when larger riders can toss it around like most riders can a YZ426. Oh, and im not calling out anybody here, but I live in Houston Tx and I dont know anybody that rides to go ride with so if any of yall want to go riding sometime, lemme know. I'm more than willing to go riding with any type of bike with any skill rider cause I assure you imnot a pro :), just looking for a good time riding bikes.

Aaron Z

2000 XR650R w/HRC power up kit (not the cam and piston kit)

And one other thing..I'm not a fat slob, in contrast im a college athlete :). However, wouldn't it be a shame to see a fat slob pass your skinny ass up on a heavier bike in a drag race, hehe. Just smack talking a little for good humor and letting the bull sh!t fly :D

Aaron Z

2000XR650R w/HRC Power Up Kit(not the cam and piston kit)

i think if u just look at how the bikes where received by the market it tells u a lot

the xr650 was a evelution of the old xr600 but left a lot of people wondering ''why''

,,,,,,heavier etc.

im sure the new xr is very fast and makes a great dessert racer etc,, but how many would like to ride it fast round a muddy tight wood or up a long slippery steep wet rock and root infested hill?

likewize i wouldnt want to try and treck my YZF across africa for months on end.

personally as much as i love my yamaha, and wudnt swap it for any other bike currently available,,,i wait with interest to see wot the new honda 450 thumper will be like,,,,,, and if its better for my kinda ridding,,,,, ill buy one.

oh and besides i heard it rumoured that anyone that owns and rides a xr650,,,,,,,, has deep seated homosexual desires [shrug],,,,,,,hey but each to there own!

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