hard starting after dropping

after I dump my bike, i can never start it no matter how much I kick. only starts after I wait 10-15 minutes. any tricks?

Hold in the compression lever, kick the motor over 6-7 times with the throttle wide open, let go of the compression lever close the throttle and kick it like you want to float the valves.

Or - do as many of us have and put a Mikuni on it, that fixed the problem for me.

I turn gas off first thing. Then do as above but I kick about 10 times. I also depress the kill button when kicking. I've had a poof before and it partially melted the air filter and I'm using a backfire screen. You can't clear the flooded condition if your introducing fresh mixture. Turning the gas off, will eventually just introduce air into the combustion chamber. Kick it like your mad at it, to really cycle a lot of cool air through.

Just remember to turn gas back on before trying to climb that monster hill again. Its not pretty about half way up :) Been there done that :D

First turn off the gas. then lean the bike over to the Left side draining the gas from the float bowl of the carb.Hold it there for like 15 second then pick it up and kick it thru likr normal bringing it up on top center and then kicking thru will ussally start in 2 or 3 kicks. and rember turnt the gas back on.

When my bike is hot and I dump it I simply hold the throttle wide open and kick it through. Normally sputters to life in 2 kicks. Becuase it sputters you have enough time to roll off the gas so that the engine doesn't rev.

:) hmm, guess I will have to try all of the above. Starting to think maybe my carb (jetting) isn't set up correctly. However, when i drop my bike it floods thus creating a rich condition so the jetting shouldn't matter?? just tired of having to wait to get it cranked. I have also tried cutting of the fuel and laying it over again but that doesn't work any better.

I usually do what was mentioned above, hold throttle wide open and kick it like the old sow that it is. Mine usually goes in 3-5 kicks. when its really bad i have taken out the filter on occasion to let some more cool air in, not recommended in dusty conditions but has always worked, even once when i had gas dripping out of the airbox.

I usually try not to fall, but every now and then it happens. :) I usually try what Dutch mentions. Hold the deco lever in with the throttle wide open, then kick it over until it backfires. Then try starting normally, it should start right up without a problem.

Another option, which I recently did was to replace the carb with an Edelbrock Quicksilver. Pretty HUGE difference. If you though the XR was strong before, it gives it more of a YZ/CRF450 type of response and pull. It is pretty wicked.

Good luck and keep the rubber side down.

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