dennis kirk sucks

I am in the process of ordering a new tire and chain the Michelin m12 is $72.99 from Dennis :) Kirk and only $53.99from rocky the chain was $119.99 in Dennis and $66.99at rocky.


Next time do your comparison shopping before you buy. :)

Chalk it up to experience, I found that one must really do some shopping online to get good deals. Some don't charge shipping over a certain cost, so do. I find that rockymountain is about the best next to mxsouth.

Good Tip though above

motorcycle accessory warehouse sucks. i got some great deals on closeout clothing. but the shipping and handling charges were almost $30. :):D

Call Dennis Kirk with Rocky Mountains price INCLUDING shipping and DK will match it or sometimes even beat it by a buck. It says so right on the catalog and I do it all the time. :)

Dennis Kirk rocks in my book. Most of DK pricing is with shipping and they will match pricing. I am not certian where they are but parts arrive from them in 2 days, takes 5 days to get to me from RMATV.

I bought my hydraulic clutc from Dennis Kirk online, great price and great service.

I've had nothing but good service from Dennis Kirk also. Have them match it.

Dennis Kirk is by far one of the most if not THE most professional mail order companies. I would try to get them to match the price. They are very good about shipping when the say, and they take returns/exchanges well.

i called dk back and they matched the price and re credited me that really impressed me :)

I've always thought DK was high priced. Their catalog prices seemed to be the same as my local dealer prices.

Why don't they just run lower prices in the first place like other mail order outfits instead of doing business like they do? (Because they make more money off of the people who don't shop around, that's why!!)

That's why I've never ordered from them.

I agree. The prices in their catalog and on their web site should reflect their best price. We shouldn't have to shop around and then call them to get a matching price. I would prefer to deal with the vendors who have honest pricing up front. Time is money and I have better things to do than to compare their prices and make deals on the phone. There are plenty of good reputable vendors out there, I don't need the hassle.

I have had nothing but good experiences with Dennis kirk.

I just placed an order with M.A.W., we'll see how it goes. They had the best price around on this particular item, with the shipping and handling charges it came out to cost as much as the item sold anywhere else [without shipping costs. I gave the salesperson the feedback stated in this thread about their "hidden fees". They also charge a fee for restocking an item should you send it back for an exchange!

Ok can we change the "sucks" part of the thread title now?

I just placed an order with M.A.W., we'll see how it goes.

Before MAW filed Chapter 21, there were AWFUL to deal with, WICKED HIGH shipping prices.

When they charged my card before shipping anything, then filed bankruptsy, then kept $80.00 of my money, I stopped dealing with them and the new owners. The new owners did offer me a 10% discount from March(?) until June on all my orders.

I did attempt to get my $80 back >> no go.

That's OK, I'll just order fron someone else. &%$#@! me once, shame on you; &%$#@! me twice, SHAME ON ME!

As for DK, I rarely if ever have seen anything but retail prices at bike shops. I would rather have the stuff mailed to my house, then have to drive somewhere to hope the shop has it.

As for shopping around, DK WILL beat the price. So you shopping around and still buying through DK is a win-win.

I have ordered a BUTT load of stuff from Dennis Kirk in the past 8 months and I have had nothing but great service with them. They have always been the lowest price for the items I ordered. I also order from Rocky Mountain and they have been good to me too. Maybe I have just been lucky. :)

Rocky Mountain is a good place to do business. The owner is active in land use issues. He even does trail maintenance on his local trails. He donates a buttload of time and money to legal groups that help keep our riding open.

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