Fork maintenance

Ripped the front forks apart to change the oil and seals. I have an electronic manual, but it doesn't specify everything. I asked the dealership for fork oil capacity, but I don't know if the inner chamber has a specific oil level. Can anyone help me out with this while I wait for my manual?

Ya really should tell us what the year model is...

The electronic manual you can download here is an exact duplicate of the hard copy paper owner service manual, and does in fact specify exactly what the oil level in the inner cartridge should be. Assuming your bike is an '05 or later that has a twin chamber fork, see page 5-33 (using an '07 manual). The cartridge itself actually needs to be filled full and bled free of air. The process is a bit complicated and continues from that page through the next couple. Here's a more advanced and thorough method I learned by starting with Dave Johnson's method:

awesome, ill check it out. thanks

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